Losing Count

Did you ever feel like you are running out of words, like there is a limit to the words you can say. Something like: “New offer: 10.000 words per month for just 9,99$, take it or run out of words.”  I felt like that a lot lately. Nothing to say, no words on my lips. Empty, just ran out.
As a partly songwriter and definitely lover of books that is an interesting situation. It feels like you could use the words of the songs and books and people around you, but actually you are just trying to collect them so it doesn’t seem like you’re running out anymore, which does not make you feel like you have actually more to say. Probably more nonsense but nothing valid.

In exactly those days I get reminded on how precious words are and the fact that we can use it for good and bad. With one word I can make somebodies day or destroy somebodies week or month. Words are so powerful and still we are not aware of the value. Words are able to bring healing that a doctor would never be able to bring. Words make it possible for us to relate to each other and to have community and to express our feelings which would be stuck in us otherwise. It´s words that fill our everyday life, they are there in the morning and still there when you go to bed. Even while you’re sleeping you might be mumbling something in your pillow.
C.S. Lewis says: “Don’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say infinitely when you mean very; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.”
I’m challenged in my everyday to choose my words wisely. i don’t ever want people to think that what I’m saying is unbelievable and I never want my words to be worth nothing.

How do you use your words? Do you just give the out in quantity or do you actually also care about the quality?

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